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Blade Sharpening

Does it take ages to cut wood with your chainsaw? A dull chainsaw blade will lower your efficiency more than anything else. For blade sharpening, as well as for servicing household tools you can depend on Priestner Saws.

Tool Sharpening

Priestner Saws can help! We provide tool-resharpening services for cutting blades used by circular saws, planers, other tools and the resharpening of end mills, drill bits, router bits and other instruments.

Tool Blade Reconditioning

Properly maintained tools and instruments last longer and are easier to use. The state of the art machinery used for sharpening by Priestner Saws removes minimal amounts of material, which allows more accuracy and speed on the users behalf and prolongs the life of customer’s tools and instruments.

Sharpening saws with the right tools

With just the right equipment to service all of your saw blades and other woodwork tools, Priestner Saws will keep keen blades on your tools.

We can sharpen all kinds of woodworking tools

As well as sharpening your tools, we can also manufacture profile cutters for highly competitive rates.

A wealth of experience in the field

With 30 years of experience in Chester, Deeside, Wrexham, Buckley and Mold, you can be assured of quality products and friendly service.

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