With over 40 years experience using and sharpening tools, Anthony from Priestner Saws understands the importance of having top performing tools.

You can’t be expected to provide top-class results with blunt tools. Not only are they dangerous, but costly as well.

Anthony says.

Priestner Saws regular sharpening service ensures that businesses and households are always equipped with tools that are in top-shape and ready to deliver the best results.

Benefits of sharpening your items regularly:

  • Improve Efficiency – The sharper your tools, the quicker you can perform the task.
  • Ensure Safety – Ensuring that your tools are always sharp reduces the risk of danger.
  • Achieve Better Results – The precision of a sharp edge will give you a better result & in turn a competitive edge.

Priestner Saws is run by Anthony Wheatcroft, who works to provide customers with a personal and reliable service. Having been in the business for over 40 years, Anthony, is a dedicated worker who values their customers.

Meet Anthony

Anthony has been sharpening specialized tools and equipment since he first started work over 40 years ago. Being a perfectionist, Anthony has the skills to produce the edge you would expect. This in turn gives you the results that only a professional in their trade can appreciate.

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