Testing & Inspection

The first step a blade goes through when you send it for sharpening is a complete inspection and testing to determine what work is required.

Hammering & Tensioning

During the testing process, a blade may need to be hammered flat and in some cases, roll tensioned to return stiffness to the blade so it will cut straight. Our in-house personnel accomplish these procedures.


Almost every shop has the ability to touch up a slightly dulled blade. Priestner Saws equipment is specifically designed to manufacture as well as sharpen your blades to accurate specifications. This means that every tooth will be exactly the same as the previous one, which is the way to keep your blades, balanced and cutting properly.

Properly maintained tools and instruments last longer and are easier to use. The state of the art machinery used for sharpening by Priestner Saws removes minimal amounts of material, which allows more accuracy and speed on the users behalf and prolongs the life of customer’s tools and instruments.

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