Want a Tool Sharpening Service?

Priestner Saws can help! We provide tool-resharpening services for cutting blades used by circular saws, planers, other tools and the resharpening of end mills, drill bits, router bits and other instruments.

Our tool sharpening services provide an express sharpening services throughout the North West.

Priestner Saws are a full service saw blade repair & sharpening centre. We will service your dull, damaged, and blunt or in-need-of-love saw blades for you and turn them in to like-new condition. Don’t throw that old or damaged blade away, contact us and we’ll show you what we can do!

Even the highest-quality machine tools turn dull over time. At Priestner Saws, we regularly sharpen, regrind and recondition high-speed and carbide drills, mills, routers, blades and cutting tools of all types. In addition to our custom machine-tool manufacturing capabilities, we can repair, regrind, re-tip, sharpen, recoat and modify nearly any industrial cutting tool.

Unlike many tool sharpening businesses, at Priestner Saws we carefully analyse the problem first to determine whether the tool is simply dull, or is also bent or heat-damaged. Then, during the reconditioning process, we maintain exact cutter geometry for maximum edge effectiveness. To maintain tool strength and extend life, we flood tools with coolants during the sharpening procedure.

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